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My Services



-Fuel management service

-The objective of FMS is to optimize transports and especially to reduce fuel costs, this will in most cases also have an increased productivity as a "side" effect.

-A customizable and proven concept had proven very good results.

-Incorporates the operation, vehicles and especially the drivers to have a high and lasting effect.

-Offer trainings for staff in key positions, from drivers to operational staff.



-Optimize vehicle specification

More than 50% of trucks should have been with a different specification at the order.

Its more and more important to have the operational factors exactly matching the trucks spec.

For an example will small differences in the driveline specification have a high effect on the fuel bill.

Just a step up or down of the close matched final ratio will have a 1-2% effect of the fuel bill.

And 1-2% of the fuel cost is often corresponding in 10-20% change of the bottom line in the competitive transport industry.

New methods and tools can help to identify the optimized specification and thus minimize fuel costs and maximize payloads.




-Site transport support

A complete check-up:

-Transport optimization

-Drivers training

-Safety initiatives and training

-Maintenance and repair








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About me:


Swedish citizen, born 1964, living in Denmark.

More than 25 years international experience in the truck and transport sector of which more than 15 years as a independent consultant,

my assignments have a broad scope (both in content and geography) within advice and training; -application, -technical information, -usage and -service.