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Republic of Congo(Brazzaville)



Experiencing a Chinese-Malaysian logging camp in the middle of Congo.



Where, When


Point Noire, Mila Mila, Dolisie 2007



That was another interesting drive:

from Point Noire and 200 km in the "jungle" to the Mila-Mila camp.


Also interesting episode; the return went through Dolisie and a flight to Point Noire.


The Dolisie airport was the most chaotic, primitive place possible.

Went entering the airport, a girl soldier demanded money for not checking the luggage.

The luggage needn't to be checked even when wanted, but the bribe had to be paid...



Leaving Point Noire


Outskirts of Point Noire

There was a couple of small villages on the 200 km drive from Point Noire to Mila Mila

The famous Mila-Mila ahead.

The bar in the Mila-Mila "town", the town consisted of three houses; police station, a shop and a bar-disco.

Masico camp, Mila Mila

Good ventilation in the camp, both in floor, walls and ceiling. The planks was made direct from logs with a chainsaw!

Drivers get payed by incentives to slow down

Local bus, congo-style

Note the safe driving-style...all canisters on the right side (meeting traffic on the other)

Mountain side with no trees, a natural phenomena? doubt it!

A massive bridge, built of logs of a couple of meters in diameter.

This is Dolisie, unfortunately no pictures from the "interesting" Dolisie airport