Enda Savage

Bo Enemark-Madsen

Niels, Lars in old office

Ulf Andersson and Tim, Jens and Petur christmas 93

Indira with a gift

No begging in Zenica, we had fixed children to give to, here my Indira.

Kim, Ilija, Torben Skræp, Sumo", in Anjelcos home

Save the children" and radioroom Zenica"

Bileca dec 93'


In my friend Miro's house

Invited in an serbian home with checkpoint commander

Nikola's children

Nikola Brstina's home, interpreter Darco...

2 Thony's

How many can you put in a F12 daycab?

Thomas Schempp at Capljina exbridge

Sandra, Erik

Party in my penthouse app.

Michael Gervin first drive.

Gervin, Miro and Erik

She was called smiley

Labineca staff; Branca and ...

Bileca 93'

Staff transporter LT31.

Workshop lunch, Metcovic

Danish tank bat. camp Valhalla, Tuzla

Valhalla bar

Ivana, bambusbar

Evald, Søren and a translator.

Peter Andersen etc. in Jablanica

Zenica canteen

Labineca bar, Gradac.

Ladecarl and Enemark-Madsen

Rasmussen and UK/US liasons.

Lars Rasmussen

Thomas Vedbergs stone


Petur, Evald and Jannick

Penthouse appartment

Axel from Lysekil and Palle

Labineca beach, May 1993.

Most comfortable passenger seat in Bosnia 94.. F12 8x4 w. air seat.

One of the first trips with slovakian pontoon ferry on Neretva.

Johnny and pølsemanden" admirer Ulf's camera

Governor of Mostar drinkin Miro's rakija after wedding.

Peter A's wedding.

Mostar wedding, I was a "koom".

DRC Gen secr. and utrikesnæmnden

Harvard professor and Britta outside UNHCR Sarajevo

2 loyals in N. Bosnia 1996

last picture DK1, April 1996.

Mario and John Sveske" in Sarajevo 96'

Danish convoy DK1, Sarajevo 1996.

Palle once shocked the begging children with a 50 DM note...

My happy looking friend Ilija