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Where, When;


Addis Abeba;    1997, 1998, 2000, 2001

Mekele;            2006


Pictures is mostly from far north Ethiopia,

the video below is from a trip Mekele-Axum, 550 km /16 hours.



Axum trip video



North Ethiopia

Scenic landscape


Close to Eritrea

City of Mekele

The old Fiats still dominated the truck transport today

Hotel Mekele

In the country who invented coffee; they mix coffee and tea...

What the vikings drank; mjöd=fermented honey.

Speciality of Ethiopia; the coffee procedure.

The best coffee

There also other things to drink at coffee procedures.

Most of Ethiopia is a mountaineous high altitude plateau.

But fuel is not to take for granted in Africa...

Unlike camels, cows have a bad road sense!!

Some even hooked trailers behind the old Fiat's

Axum, with some 50m high, 4000 year old stones

Addis from air

Some scaffolding!